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Real Customer Reviews of the Best Bras for Smoothing Back Fat

Top 3 Back Stretchers with the Best Customer Reviews 

If you struggle with back pain, a back stretcher may be the answer you have been looking for. 

Best Back Stretcher for Back PainThe following takes a look at back stretchers, including what they are, how they work, and who could benefit from using one.  In addition, there is a quick review of three of the best back stretchers currently on the market, followed by a final verdict as to which one is the best back stretcher.
What is a Back Stretcher?

Back stretchers are arched lumbar stretchers that are usually covered in foam and mimic the spine's natural curve.  They range from very simple to those that require a complicated pulley system.  Fortunately, a simple back stretcher can effectively stretch out your back to relieve back pain and stiffness, while also loosening muscles and realigning bones. 

They work by placing your back into a fully supported backwards stretch when fitted under your back.  Stretching the back in a direction opposite from the one it is most often in gives the spine the chance to realign itself, while also relieving pressure on the spine.
Who Can Benefit From a Back Stretcher?

Anyone, but it is particularly beneficial for individuals who struggle with back pain, as well as anyone who is working on increasing their flexibility. 
Now, it's time to examine three of the most popular back stretchers that are currently available.

Posture Wizard - Back Stretcher and Posture Corrector

Posture Wizard Back Stretcher Review

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Designed with a natural arch that matches the curve of the spine to offer support and relieve pain related to lower back pain, herniated disc pain, stenosis, sciatica, and stiffness, this stretcher provides results with just 5-10 minutes of use a day.

Made from textured foam, the stretcher does double duty by effectively massaging your feet and legs. This stretcher is both portable and easy to use. According to most users, it feels great on your back and the shape fits perfectly in your lower back to stretch it out whenever you are feeling tight. 

The Posture Wizard is one of the most comfortable back stretchers because it comes with a mat cover that adds a high level of comfort during stretching exercises.


ZenGuru Back Stretcher Lumbar Extender

 ZenGuru Back Stretcher Lumbar Extender Review

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Designed to provide instant back and neck pain relief, the ZenGuru includes 10 therapeutic magnets that are strategically placed to restore the back natural curvature and improve muscle flexibility.  It includes a removable memory foam cushion for added comfort, as well as a belt to keep it in place when sitting in a chair or in the car.  It is easy to use and has an adjustable lumbar extender that can be moved into three positions. 

ZenGuru does offer a lifetime guarantee, which is definitely a plus.  According to reviewers, & feel my back gently stretch, which eases the tension on my back and neck. Numerous reviewers report that it is &easy to use, effective, stretches away stress, and is a great solution for back problems.

Spinal Labs PT Lumbar Chronic Back Pain Stretcher Device

Spinal Labs PT Lumbar Back Stretcher Review 

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Made from high quality foam, this stretcher provides instant back pain relief and can increase the flexibility in your lower back with just 10 minutes of daily use. 

It reportedly relieves stress, sciatica, stenosis, and herniated disc pain, while also improving sleep.  Currently, you receive a free spinal exercise and product instructional video with your purchase. 

  • Users report that it works fantastically
  • great stretch
  • relieves back pain quickly and safely

It's worth noting that a couple of reviewers did report that the firm foam has very little give to it, which some people may find to be uncomfortable.
The Final Verdict

After considering effectiveness, comfort, price, and user reviews, the ZenGuru Back Stretcher Lumbar Extender is the best back stretcher in the group.  When you consider that it is easy to use, is adjustable, includes a strap to keep it in place, and comes with a lifetime guarantee, it's pretty obvious why this is the clear winner.